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Friday, August 4, 2017

Snack Recipe Makes a Meal

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Beef Stew Gorp
    Get serious about eating on the trail or scarfing down a quick lunch at your desk. Make up this  tasty gorp for high-energy biking, surfing, hiking, sailing, climbing. It’s a real meal.
8 cups low-sodium, kettle cooked potato chips
3 cups low-sodium beef jerky, cut up
3.5-ounce packet Crunchies freeze-dried corn snack
2 cups multi-flavor veggie chips, preferably low sodium
1 cup wasabi peas
    Toss everything together and package by the cupful. Makes 15 portions. Keep in a cool spot and avoid crushing. Complete the menu with plenty of drinking water and a crisp apple.  

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Trail mix tip: packaged homemade gorp makes attractive party favors for any group, any age. Buy inexpensive sandwich bags, the tuck-close and not the zip-close type. Add a scoop of gorp, , bring up edges of bag and tie with a pretty ribbon.

Janet Groene is a traveler, camper and boater who always carries one or more pocket-size packets of healthful, homemade trail mix as an alternative to airline and road food. 

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