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Thursday, June 1, 2017

Salmon Jerky, Best Trail Food Yet

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Salmon Jerky Trail Gorp

    Few trail foods provide more nutrition in less space than wild salmon jerky, a diet staple for Native Americans since time began. However it's costly, strong in taste and a highly concentrated protein, so a little goes a long way. Make it into a satisfying, balanced meal by adding fiber and fruit. It’s also very salty, so dilute it with low- or no-salt ingredients. Then have lots  of water or cold beer on hand to go with it.

4 cups dried wild salmon jerky, cut in small bites
8 cups square multi grain cereal
2 cups dried pineapple chunks
2 cups dried cranberries
2 cups golden raisins
2 cups salt-free bite-size pretzels
2 cups wasabi peas

    Combine everything in a large bag and toss gently to mix well. Seal in snack bags by the cupful. Makes 22 servings of one cup each. Keep in a cool, dry place.
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