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Sunday, June 10, 2018

Homemade Snacks for Trail or Lunchbox

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Glacier Gorp

Make it all snow white to eat around the campfire, on the trail or park bench, in a treetop hammock, while riding the subway and when stuck in that dreaded middle seat.
     Eat it anywhere, any time.
16-ounce package miniature marshmallows
12-ounce package white chocolate chips
2 cups cup shredded coconut (from a can or package, not frozen)
2 cups puffed rice or plain popcorn
4 cups frosted round oat cereal
4 cups frosted bite-size whole wheat
2 cups white Jordan almonds or white yogurt-covered raisins or both

    Put everything in a large, clean bag and jostle it around to mix well. Scoop out by the cupful and place in snack bags. Keep cool and dry for up to a month. Makes 20-24 cups.

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Sunday, June 3, 2018

Hike, Energize with Homemade Seafood Trail Mix

Wakame Gorp

The salty sea taste of wakame seaweed flakes compliments the tuna jerky while rice squares add carbs. A burst of sweetness from the pineapple adds a tangy contrast. 

       Ahi tuna jerky and wakame seaweed flakes are sold in Asian grocery stores, or use the links to order by mail from Amazon. 

8-ounce package of Hawaiian style ahi tuna jerky
2-ounce package wakame flakes
8 cups square rice 
2 cups diced dried pineapple

Cut jerky into bite size and combine everything in a big bag or bowl. Mix well. Seal in snack bags and keep in a cool, dry place. Makes 8 to 10 gorp servings.  A cupful makes a meal. Just add a bottle of spring water or Japanese beer. 

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Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Dark Chocolate Makes a Great Trail Mix

Dark Secrets Chocolate Gorp
This gorp is sweet enough for dessert but has nutritional staying power to get you through a skipped meal when you’re on the go.

2 cups dark chocolate, chopped in bite size chunks
2 cups salted broken cashews
2 cups dried fruit such as Craisins
1 cup coconut chips
2 cups miniature salted pretzels
4 cups small crackers such as Wheat Thins
2 cups square corn, rice or wheat cereal

Toss everything lightly in a large bag and measure by the cupful into snack bags. Makes 15 portions of one cup each. 

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Friday, May 4, 2018

Healthy, Homemade Snacks to Eat Anywhere

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Never be without a healthy, homemade, money saving pocket meal or snack you can carry anywhere, eat anywhere.

White on Rice Gorp

8 cups square rice cereal 
1 tablespoon white sugar mixed with 1 teaspoon cinnamon
2 cups miniature marshmallows
2 cups white chocolate chips
2 cups slivered almonds

Put everything in a large bag and jostle gently to mix well. Package by the cupful in snack bags. Makes 14 servings of one cup each. 

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Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Homemade, Healthier Pocket Snack Recipes to Eat Anywhere

Apple Pie ‘n Cheese Gorp

This nut-free gorp is an anytime snack or pepper-upper. It’s also a satisfying, easy-to-eat walking dessert. Make a big batch on Sunday night and have enough lunchbox treats and after-school snacks to last all week. 

4 cups small white cheddar cheese crackers
2 cups Cheddar Cheese Goldfish
8 cups “lite” popcorn (two microwave bags)
2 cups cut up dried apples
2 cups Apple Jacks cereal 

Toss everything together lightly and package by the cupful in zip-top snack bags. Makes 20 servings of one cup each. 

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Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Homemade, Healthier Pocket Snacks for Anytime Meals

If you’re into healthful ingredients,  read labels. I was about to buy an “oat” cereal when I read the fine print and learned the first ingredient is corn. 

Smoky  Gorp
This is a hearty gorp that can see you through a pre-dawn watch in a duck blind, a red-eye flight or lunch at your desk when you're on deadline. 

1 pound chunk of smoked gouda cheese
4 cups cheese curls
2 cups whole walnut halves
8 cups unsalted plain popcorn
8 ounces low-fat, low-sodium turkey jerky,  cut in bite size

Dice the cheese into a large bag, tossing with the cheese curls .  Add remaining ingredients and toss to mix well. Package by the cupful. Bring plenty of water and a piece of  juicy fruit to complete this pocket meal. Makes about 20 one-cup servings. 

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